The Outrageous Tesla Cybertruck: Not Your Average Pickup

The Outrageous Tesla Cybertruck: Not Your Average Pickup

Tesla has done it again, this time with the outrageous Tesla Cybertruck!

As far as being an average pickup truck, no one would be able to mistake the Tesla Cybertruck as your average pickup truck. There are many reasons why:

The Tesla Cybertruck has taken the internet by storm due to how radically different it looks from the rest of the pickup trucks available in the market today. It also has the power to back up its looks. Inside, it is fully equipped with the latest technology. Add to the fact that it is electric and you have a machine that’s literally out of time and out of place. And out of this world, if I might add.

Get to know more about this outrageous Tesla Cybertruck here:

Out Of This World Ultra Hard Exoskeleton

Tesla Cybertruck sledgehammer test
Tesla Cybertruck Body Panel Test Onstage

Everyone knows that owning a pickup truck means dents and dings are expected. And everyone’s fine with that.

But should you be ok with that? The Tesla Cybertruck has an answer.

No other truck in the market today can boast of having a dent proof body. To showcase how strong it was onstage, a sledgehammer was brought out and swung at full strength against the front door panel of a production level pickup.

As expected, a large crater resulted.

Against the Tesla Cybertruck, the sledgehammer just bounced off. No visible dent. No visible ding.

This is thanks to the use of Space X metal material which makes the practical function of the Tesla Cybertruck head and shoulders above the competition in terms of durability.

Don’t Panic, It’s Electric

As with most Tesla offers in the market today, the Tesla Cybertruck comes with an electric drivetrain.

This makes it the most fuel efficient truck in the market once it finally comes out in 2022. There are 3 variants currently offered on the Tesla website. The most affordable one is the Single Motor RWD at $39,900, the Dual Motor AWD at $49,900 and at a later date, the Tri Motor AWD at $69,900.

All variants can have the self-driving feature which should lock the price in despite inflation.

Beyond that, the Tesla Cybertruck reduces your carbon footprint significantly allowing you to sleep soundly at night knowing you’re putting in your efforts to help make the planet Earth cleaner.

The Need For Speed

As with most Tesla vehicles, the acceleration on the Outrageous Tesla Cybertruck is surprisingly quick.

How quick?

2.9 seconds from 0 to 60 quick. Well that’s for the top of the line, Tri Motor AWD variant. Still, the 6.5 seconds 0-60 acceleration rate on the Single Motor RWD variant ain’t too shabby.

That’s faster than most street race cars out in the market today.

To put it in better perspective, we’re talking about an actual pickup truck here and not a production super car. But then again, they did promise that this would be have better utility than most trucks and more performance than a sports car. It seems like Tesla has delivered on both ends.

All That Fuss For A Piece Of Armored Glass

Tesla Cybertruck Armored Glass
Tesla Cybertruck Armored Glass

The armored glass is one of the highlights of the Tesla Cybertruck. Instead of shatterproof glass, this is transparent metal. Well a combination of metal alloys and plexi-glass but we’re not giving away all their secrets yet.

Although the first showing of the pickup truck proved amusing, you have to give credit that the glass withstood totally getting broken from the force of the metal ball hurled against it. It did shatter, but it didn’t break. (Post-inspection of why that happened revealed that the armored glass’ integrity was compromised after the body panel was subjected to the abuse of a swung sledgehammer against it. The extraordinary amount of force delivered weakened the armored glass’ integrity.)

This brings to mind the practical applications once the Cyber Truk is in full production as a commercial vehicle, it can reduce the risks of getting damaged from external factors like the element or the .

The Tesla Cyber Truck also looks well-suited to become a military vehicle. It already has the basic features that would make it useful in the field: The tough body.

Other practical applications of the armored glass would be for safety & protection purposes. Who knows, the Tesla Cyber Truck may be the vehicle in 2022 protecting the lives of our important public figures from harm.

And as long as no one brings out a sledgehammer and a metal ball combination to the mix, everyone inside should be safe.

Wait, where’s the paint on my brand new Tesla?

Black Tesla Cybertruck
Black Tesla Cybertruck

Against all pre-conceived ideas, the outrageous Tesla Cybertruck comes in only one color, silver.

To get around that, dressing your Tesla up with a skin is the next best thing to having it painted. And this opens up a world of possibilities especially for those who like customizing their vehicles.

Without a layer of paint to worry about, you can push your Tesla Cybertruck to its perceived limits without worrying about its resale value.

A word of caution though, you would still need to go to the DMV to register your vehicle each time you change its color.

But at what price?

If there’s anything that makes the outrageous Tesla Cyber Truck truly stand out, it would most probably be its price. At $39,900.00. you get the most basic of the Tesla Cybertruck variant which is the Single Motor RWD variant. And yet, at its most basic, it is far more advanced than any pickup truck out there in the market today!

Investing $69,900 for the Tri Motor AWD variant and adding another $7000 gets you a truck that will most likely outlive all other vehicles you have in your garage right now in terms of form, function and practical application. All of these things can be secured today with a downpayment of $100,

The Cyber Truck will be out in 2022.

This Is A Powerful Truck

Tesla Cybertruck Tug Of War With Ford F 150
Tug of War: Ford F-150 versus Tesla Cybertruck

Despite all the fanfare focused on the outrageous Tesla Cybertruck’s looks and fancy electric engine and other options, the company hasn’t forgotten one thing: This is a truck. And trucks are meant to have power.

The most basic Cybertruck has a towing capability of 7,500 LBS, the Tri Motor AWD can tow almost double that.

To demonstrate that, here’s the Tesla Cybertruck in an uphill tug of war with a Ford F-150:

Related Questions:

What electric pickup can compete with the Tesla pickup?

There are 3 other companies vying to take the electric pickup slot in 2021 with the Ford F150 leading the pack as the Tesla Cybertruck’s closest competitor today. Ford is banking on its brand loyal audience to get their truck over all others including the Bollinger B2 and Rivian R1T.

How much is the Tesla pickup?

There are currently 3 Tesla Cybertruck variants available. The Single Motor RWD at $39,900, the Dual Motor AWD at $49,900 and the Tri Motor AWD at $69,900. All can have the Self-driving feature by adding $7,000. You can secure your own Tesla Cybertruck by putting in a $100 refundable downpayment.

Should I get the Tesla Cybertruck with the self-driving feature?

Adding $7000 to the base price of the Tesla Cybertruck variant you choose adds the self-driving feature onto it. It also locks the price in despite the effects of inflation before production starts. Lastly, Tesla cars are known for this feature so why skimp on this feature for your truck?

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