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Do RV Tire Covers Really Help?

Do RV tire covers really help? Is it worth investing more money just for RV tire covers? Don’t these come standard with all RV purchases today?

RV tire covers eventually pay for themselves in the long run.  

An RV tire cover is a vital accessory for any recreational vehicle. It is designed to help make your tires last longer. By making your tires last longer, it is a big help in saving money. Remember that your tires receive a lot of wear and tear. So, to prevent it from getting damaged, you need to cover it up when not in use.

Everyone Should Have RV Tires Protecting Their Precious Wheels
Everyone Should Have RV Tires Protecting Their Precious Wheels

Each time you do not use your vehicle for travel, have it covered by the best RV tire cover. It can significantly extend the life of your tires. What is good about an RV tire cover is that it is easy to manage. It helps ensure that your tires are not exposed to direct sunlight as well as other harsh elements.

Do yourself and your pockets a favor by investing in RV tire covers.

And make sure everyone knows you love living the RV life with a Not All Who Wander Are Lost tire cover from Chen or a Happy Camper Life Is Good Spare Tire Cover.

Are They Worth It?

Of course, they are. Think of it as a cost-effective way to protect your investment.

Your tires cost money. So does your entire RV.

Any damage to your tires can cause an unplanned replacement. You have no choice in this matter, as continuing to use compromised tires might result in even more damage to the entire vehicle as a whole.

Damage from the sun, the environment, chemicals, other physical factors, and time are just some of the things your tires can incur. Without any protection, premature aging is sure to take place.

And once your tires are damaged, there is no way to reverse it. So save yourself some money and the trouble of having to replace your tires too quickly by getting some high-quality RV tire covers.

Keep Yourself Cool By Staying Under The Shade
Keep Yourself Cool By Staying Under The Shade

You could also invest in a ShelterLogic Garage In A Box Tent to keep your RV in the shade when you park. You can secure it further with the use of P-Locks Theft Deterrent Anchoring System.

To keep yourself cool, get a TentProInc RV Awning for short stops on sunny days.

Factors That Affect Your Tire’s Structural Integrity

Why should we discuss your tires when what we’re talking about are RV tire covers?

Well, everyone needs to know the reason why we’re using RV tire covers in the first place and that is to protect your tires from premature aging brought about by external factors. So, here’s a list of those factors:

Tires Are Exposed To A Lot Of Wear And Tear

The most damaging factor that can lead to premature wear and tear in tires is UV rays from the sun. This can easily be addressed by covering your tires with RV tire covers. The next best thing is storing your tires when it is not in use.

RV Tire COvers Prevent These Things From Happening
RV Tire COvers Prevent These Things From Happening

Take note: Tires can also get damaged by your own vehicle when it rubs against your fenders or wheel wells. Here’s an article about that: How To Fix Tire Rubbing On A Truck

Rapid Changes In Temperature

Rapid changes in temperature can seriously affect rubber. Extreme heat can make it go soft or liquefy while extreme cold can make it go brittle or freeze. Any exterior force can then cut or break these rubber parts easily if enough pressure is applied.

Presence Of Salt In The Air

Minute traces of salt are present in the air. Salt and metals don’t work well together. Your tires’ rims are made of metal, so too much exposure to saline content in the air can promote rust and corrosion.

Learn more about rust here: Why Do Pickup Trucks Rust So Much?

Make sure you wash your vehicle every time you park it to get rid of these excess salt before putting up the covers.

Pollutants, Chemicals, Solvents, And Other Harmful Substances

Sad to say, our air is full of pollutants. Insecticides, pesticides, industrial cleaners, excess fuel, oils, these are just some of the pollutants you should be aware of. All these chemicals present in the air can have an adverse effect on your spare tire’s condition.

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Types of RV Tire Covers

To give you an idea of your range of choices, here are the different types of RV tire covers that you can buy or order to fit. Each one has its pros and cons and you should base your decision on those.

Canvas Cloth

Canvas cloth is the most common RV tire covers you can get to protect your wheels. This offers the most basic protection for tires. Canvas is one of the cheapest materials to get, resulting in a lesser price point when compared to all other types of RV tire covers.

It is also very easy to clean, which is a good thing as it can attract dust and mud easily. Just place it inside a washing machine and dry it out before using it again. Although one of the cheapest types of RV tire covers, it is also surprisingly one of the most durable in this list.


This is more durable than the canvas variety and is one of the most popular out there in the market today because of its durability and price. It is also very light and can be installed the fastest among all the types of RV tire covers we have on this list.

Vinyl RV Tire Covers Are The Most Popular Choice For RV Owners
Vinyl RV Tire Covers Are The Most Popular Choice For RV Owners

The sad thing is, UV rays can seriously affect the product leading to chipping, tearing, cracking, and brittleness. You can wipe it with a layer of protectant to make it last longer though.


Since this is a very expensive material to work with, leather RV tire covers aren’t that common. Most leather variants are offered as custom-fit products done for exacting customers who want it.

Although this is the most elegant type of RV tire cover, it is also one of the most prone to damage. It is also very expensive to maintain.


This is the most commonly used RV tire covers for spares out back. Aluminum is great because it offers more protection than its canvas, vinyl, or leather counterparts.

This can rust over time if not properly maintained.

Hard Plastic

Hard plastic is a fairly new version of RV tire covers in the market and has its own pros and cons. This is the most durable type of RV tire cover that you can buy. It’s highly resistant to any type of damage and is guaranteed to last a long time.

The downside to this type of RV tire cover is its limited range. There are only a few manufacturers providing these types of RV tire covers and they only cater to certain tire sizes.

What To Look For  

There are many factors to consider when getting an RV tire cover. Here are some that you should consider before buying one.


RV tires come in all shapes and sizes. So too do RV tire covers. Make sure the ones you pick are the right ones for your tires. How will you know? Well, make sure you have a snug fit but one that’s not too tight where you’ll constantly struggle with putting it on.

You also don’t want it to be too loose wherein it sags in certain areas. This can attract water to pull in those recessed areas which eventually lead to rust and corrosion. The extra material can also cause some rubbing when subjected to high winds or moving around which can shave off some of the rubber on your tires.

Construction Material

RV tire covers are built using different materials. You need to find the one that fits your lifestyle.

Don’t let price be the main reason why you choose certain types of RV tire covers. In fact, it really shouldn’t be a factor when getting one.

Whether you choose a canvas, vinyl, aluminum, or plastic RV tire cover, the most important thing you have to take note of is how well it is constructed. Is it durable enough? Are the materials high quality? Is it designed and constructed well to withstand abuse?

Is it weatherproof? Does it have UV ray protection? Does it have a warranty to guarantee its durability?

Check the stitching. Are there any signs of fraying? Is the thread used of high-quality material?

If you’re going for an aluminum RV tire cover, are there any deep gouges, dents, dings, or spotty seams?

For hard plastic RV tire covers, is the construction of the item uniform all throughout? Are there any noticeable weak spots? Are there any broken surfaces?

Does the product you want to purchase have enough drainage to prevent moisture accumulation? Is it sold by a reputable shop that can perform repairs if the need arises? Can they replace it if issues do crop up within the warranty period?

These are just some of the things you have to consider when choosing a long-lasting RV cover.   


Durability is a result of how well constructed your RV tire covers are.

Make sure the ones you get are built to withstand the heaviest rains and the hottest days. Subjecting your RV tire covers to these types of extreme conditions should test just how durable it really is. After you experience those types of weather, check the condition of your covers.

There shouldn’t be any cracks or chipping if they’re relatively new. This of course changes over time but the product should be able to hold up for as long as it is under warranty. After the warranty has run its course, only then is it acceptable for signs of wear and tear to show up.

Ease In Installation

Putting on and removing your covers takes time and effort and you’ll be doing this several times during your time RVing.

You don’t want an RV tire cover that’s complicated to operate. What you need is something you can easily put on within 15 minutes.


Is the most expensive RV tire cover the one you should get? Should you consider saving a few pennies by picking a cheaper variant? Is it worth spending a few more dollars on a custom-fit cover?

With that said, you should still compare which one to get based on your budget. The best one may not be the most expensive and the worst won’t always be the one with the lowest price tag. Just make sure it’s the right one.

This is a subjective matter and there is no definitive answer that you can consider right or wrong. In fact, price shouldn’t be a big factor in choosing something that could potentially save you from unwarranted damage.

And that’s why this is the last on this list.

To get you started in the right direction, here’s a list of high-quality RV tire covers available in the market today:

How To Properly Cover Your RV Tires

Okay, now let’s get to one of the most important topics concerning RV tire covers: How to actually use them.

This may be a pretty straight-forward operation but there are some people who still manage to get this wrong. You see, some people believe that covering their tires just requires draping the RV tire covers on top of the wheels and leave it like that.

In essence, that is how to cover the tires. You’re already protecting your tires if you do that but not entirely. And the threat of your RV tire covers getting dislodged or falling to the ground is a high possibility.

So, here’s a short discussion on how to properly cover your tires with RV tire covers.

  • Make sure you get the correct size of RV tire covers.
  • If you’re covering tires for storage, make sure you pick a cool, dry place that receives as little sunlight as possible. This can be inside your house, your garage, or your basement. As long as it is in an area that has a controlled climate, your tires will be safe.
  • If you have a spare tire that’s exposed, make sure you secure it inside your RV tire cover. More on that below.
  • If you’re covering your tires when you’re parked, ensure that you’re parked on flat, level, dry land. Make sure you clean the area surrounding your tires before placing the RV tire covers.
  • Now for the hard part: insert one edge of the tire into the mouth of the RV tire cover and work your way until the entire wheel is inside the container. You may need to roll the wheel several times to lift the weight off if needed.
  • Secure the strap and ensure that it won’t loosen to minimize the risk of it flying off in bad weather.
  • You may want to spray your tires with a layer of protectant before storing it. At the same time, you can also spray the RV tire covers with chemicals that will make it repel the effects of the environment it is in.

That’s it, you’re done!


RV tire covers are essential items you should purchase and bring along whenever you go on a trip or park. This is one sure way to ensure that you and your RV will have loads of adventure on your horizon.

RV tire covers are a great way to ensure that your tires remain in the tip-top condition wherever you go. You already know that damage to your tires doesn’t just come from the road it treads on but also from the UV rays and pollutants constantly present in the atmosphere.

Learn more about the RVing lifestyle by getting The Idiot’s Guide To RVing.

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Related Questions

Do Tire Covers For RVs Have Warranties?

Yes. RV tire covers do come with product warranties but they vary from one manufacturer to another. If they don’t, step away. At the very least, you should get a product that has a 3-year warranty. This should give you some protection for when something untoward happens or you’re simply not happy with the product.

Can You Live In Your RV Full Time?

Yes. A lot of people do. The real question is: are you going to be stationary or not? An RV, depending on the size is going to be a relatively comfortable to place in. It’s your surroundings that’s going to matter. If you’re mobile, you’ll always be changing sceneries at the cost of having access to basic amenities. If you prefer to camp, you might have to deal with other RV neighbors. Pick your choice.

Whichever one it is, make sure you get RV tire covers to protect your tires wherever you go.

How Do I Make Sure I Get The Right Ones For My RV?

Use a measuring tape or refer to your tire manufacturer’s user manual. You can also check the side of your tires to determine the height and width of your tire so you can get RV tire covers that fit properly. You need to ensure the RV tire covers you get fully encompass the tires to protect them from all external factors that could affect its integrity.

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