Drive Like A Pro With These Racing Suits

Drive Like A Pro With These Racing Suits

Can racing suits really make you go faster? Can these specialized gear make you transition from amateur to pro in an instant? Will it at least make you drive better?

Racing suits can help you get into the right mindset to drive at high speeds. Not only that, but these suits can also keep you safe while you traverse the entire length of the track. Will it make you drive like a pro? It’ll make you look like one, but you can win through constant practicing and reviewing of your progress.

Racing Suits Differ From One Sport To The Next
Racing Suits Differ From One Sport To The Next

All pros started out as amateurs. Honing your skills will take time spent on the track. This is the best place to sate your hunger for speed. Public roads are just too dangerous—not just for you and your car but for other cars and people too. It’s a shared environment, so respect it.

Red 2 Layer Racing Suit-One Piece-SFI-5 Rated, Large
Bell Endurance II Racing Suit, 1-Piece Black Medium SFI 3.2A/5
K1 Race Gear SFI 3.2a/1 Victory Auto Racing Suit (Black/White/Grey, Large)
Red 2 Layer Racing Suit-One Piece-SFI-5 Rated, Large
Bell Endurance II Racing Suit, 1-Piece Black Medium SFI 3.2A/5
K1 Race Gear SFI 3.2a/1 Victory Auto Racing Suit (Black/White/Grey, Large)
Red 2 Layer Racing Suit-One Piece-SFI-5 Rated, Large
Red 2 Layer Racing Suit-One Piece-SFI-5 Rated, Large
Bell Endurance II Racing Suit, 1-Piece Black Medium SFI 3.2A/5
Bell Endurance II Racing Suit, 1-Piece Black Medium SFI 3.2A/5
K1 Race Gear SFI 3.2a/1 Victory Auto Racing Suit (Black/White/Grey, Large)
K1 Race Gear SFI 3.2a/1 Victory Auto Racing Suit (Black/White/Grey, Large)

Most cities have dedicated race tracks open to the public for a small sum. Take advantage of that. The roads are better, there aren’t any obstacles on the road, and everyone is going in the same direction (if you’re driving with someone else). Plus, they also have safety equipment and teams ready to assist you should anything untoward happen.

Since most tracks will require you to drive safely, having a suit, a helmet, the proper gloves, and boots will be high on their list of things you need before you can take a spin on the tarmac.

And why wouldn’t you want to wear a racing suit? Putting one on instantly transforms you into a real-life superhero with the ability to outrun the competition. Check the Joe Rocket Speedmaster out, pair it with a racing helmet, gloves, and boots, and you’ll know what we mean.

Drive Like A Pro, Look Like A Superhero!
Drive Like A Pro, Look Like A Superhero!

Go-Kart Racing: Hard To Outgrow

This is where most auto-race car drivers start. Some people never outgrow it. Go-karts are very accessible to the public giving them a taste of what it’s really like to rip through the circuit at high speeds. You can rent a go-kart at most amusement parks for a small fee.

But these amusement park go-karts are built to go just fast enough to provide a thrill. That’s why you don’t need any special gear to drive these little things—save for a sturdy helmet that the attendant will provide.

Most Professional Racers Start Out Here.
Most Professional Racers Start Out Here.

Real racing go-karts run double or triple that speed. Cornering at that velocity means serious G-forces pulling at you and the car. This raises the possibility of the kart overturning or you getting ejected from your seat.

Because a go-kart is basically just a metal platform with wheels, you are dangerously exposed to the road. One mistake and you could go sliding over the tarmac. If that happens, serious abrasions to your skin could happen. That is unless of course, you have a kart racing suit on (and a helmet, definitely a must).

Check these kart racing suits out if you don’t want to suffer a bad case of road rash:

K1 Level 1 Kart Racing Suit

K1 Race Gear 10003211 Blue XXXXXX-Small Level 1 Karting Suit
  • Double layer cordura abrasive resistant fabric
  • Cotton terry cloth inner lining
  • Elastic under arms for 360 degree movement
  • Epaulette, ribbed collar, wrist or ankle cuffs, and concealed pockets
  • Nascar car style boot cuffs

Just starting out with your pro kart racing career? Then you need the right gear to start things right with. The K1 Level 1 Kart Racing Suit has double layer Cordura for maximum abrasion resistance. Inside, you’ll find a cotton terry lining for moisture protection.

To complete the professional look, this suit has ribbed elastic ankle and wrist cuffs and collar. This helps you achieve full freedom in movement and looking good at the same time!

JXHRacing 2-Layer Shiny Go Kart Racing Suit

There’s nothing like a little showmanship to make a day at the circuit exciting! Bring some of that fire to the track with this JXHRacing suit. Those flames are sure to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd!

jxhracing RB-C06032 Two Layer Shiny Go Kart Racing Suit-Medium
  • Shiny Go Karts Suit. Fabric: Double layer Shiny nylon fabric and mesh lining with high strength abrasion resistance and tear resistance.
  • Three colorway design is fashionable. Concealed double-ended zipper.
  • Velco collar and belt are convenient for putting on or taking off.
  • Elastic waist for easier adjustment. Knit rib design for cuffs and legs.
  • Delicate embroidery logo. Decorative strip on the shoulders and belt to highlight the whole suit.

But of course, looks aren’t everything. This racing suit has two layers of tear and abrasion-resistant nylon fabric plus a Velcro collar and belt for ease in putting on or taking off. The elastic waist and knit rib design ensure a comfortable fit while driving through the sharpest turns.

K1 Race Gear Speed 1 Level 2 Approved Kart Racing Suit

K1 Race Gear 10-SP1-R-LXL Speed 1 CIK/FIA Level 2 Approved Kart Racing Suit (Red/White/Black, Large/X-Large)
  • CIK/FIA Level 2 Approved Abrasion-Resistant Double Layer Cordura Fabric
  • Strategically Placed Vents for Optimum Breathability
  • Crotch, Side & Lower Back Stretch Panel
  • Elastic Underarms To Provide 360 Degrees of Movement
  • Cool Max Type inner lining

The K1 Speed 1 Level 2 Karting Suit is designed to meet CIK-FIA (International Karting Commission-International Automobile Federation) Level 2 Certification Requirements. This is a serious piece of suit! If you’re dreaming of becoming the next champion, this is the suit you need to get in the right racing mindset.

Auto-Racing: When Little Kids Grow Up And Still Want To Race

Get the ultimate high when you take your car into the proper environment and let it rip. Racecar suits are designed with fire retardant qualities to ensure maximum safety in the event that your vehicles catch fire on the race track.

Race Cars And Racing Suits Are Toys And Clothes For The Big Boys
Race Cars And Racing Suits Are Toys And Clothes For The Big Boys

Race tracks will also require you to wear a racing suit and helmet as part of their safety protocol. Without those, you won’t be able to push the pedal to the metal.

Racing suits don’t come cheap though. But if you really have a hankering for speed, you better pony up some serious cash for these racing suits and let your inner F1 race car driver loose.

Here are some Auto-Racing Suits you should check out:

K1 RaceGear Triumph 2

The K1 Triumph 2 is a single layer, SF1 race suit for those looking for an affordable, high-quality, fire-retardant protective gear. This is perfect for both novice and professional racers.

K1 Race Gear 20-TR2-NW-XL Triumph 2, Single Layer SFI-1 Proban Cotton Fire Suit (Black/White, X-Large)
  • SFI 3.2A/1 Rated for Competition
  • Single Layer Proban Material
  • Knitted Shoulder Gusset for Full Range Of Motion
  • Available As Suit, or Jacket & Pants Separately
  • Flexible Elastic Waist Suit

This suit is constructed with Proban cotton that provides maximum protection against fire. This suit is so good that it is also featured in other racing events like NASCAR, dirt track, and oval racing.  

If you’re looking for your first suit, you can end your search here.

K1 RaceGear Victory Auto Racing Suit

Tired of feeling dehydrated each time you complete a lap? Then maybe you need the K1 RaceGear Victory Auto Racing Suit. This is one of the first breathable suits that reduce the chances of fatigue and exhaustion setting in due to dehydration for race car drivers.

K1 Race Gear SFI 3.2a/1 Victory Auto Racing Suit (Black/White/Grey, Medium/Large)
  • SFI 3.2/1 Rated Race Suit
  • Ultra-Lightweight Breathable Fire Resistant Cotton Material
  • Hydro Oleo Treatment To Repel Fluids
  • Back and Crotch Stretch Panel
  • Custom Suit Look

Like all other auto-racing suits, the K1 RaceGear Victory Auto Racing Suit has fire retardant qualities thanks to its Proban construction. It Is also treated with Hydro Oleo to help repel fluids.

Other features that make this a favorite amongst racers is the stretchable fabric allowing full 360-degree mobility, Back Stretch panel, and even a Crotch Stretch Panel to keep you comfortable the entire time you’re on the track.

G-Force GF-125 Single Layer Racing Gear

This racing suit presents a slim profile with its single-layer construction. The Pyrovatex material ensures it passes the basic racing safety requirements.

G-Force 4125LRGBK GF 125 Black Large Single Layer Racing Suit
  • SFI 3.2A/1 rating / TPP 10+ rating
  • One piece suit
  • Single layer, pyrovatex fabric
  • Lok-Tru belt tensioning system pulls the waist tight with no elastic
  • Semi-gloss finish

The G-Force GF-125 also features a Lok-Tru belt tensioning system to ensure a snug fit at the waist without using elastic materials.

K1 RaceGear Single Layer

K1 Race Gear 20-TRI-NW-XL Black/White X-Large Single Layer Triumph PROBAN Cotton SFI Rated Fire Suit
  • SFI 3.2A or 1 rated for competition
  • Single layer proban material
  • Elastic under arms for 360 degree movement
  • Epaulette, ribbed collar,ankle and wrist cuffs

The K1 Single Layer Race Gear is constructed from Proban cotton and meets the basic requirements for race car drivers to compete. Although constructed with just one layer, this has an effective fire-retardant layer to protect you in case a fire breaks out in the cockpit. This is perfect for pros and amateurs alike.

Motorcycle Racing: A Different Kind Of Rush For Daredevils Like You

Motorcycle racing is one of the most exciting activities involving speed. It is also one of the most dangerous. So, you can reduce the risks by investing in a full suit for motorcycle racing before hitting the tarmac.

Motorcycle Racing: Strap A Rocket Between Your Knees And Go!
Motorcycle Racing: Strap A Rocket Between Your Knees And Go!

The difference motorcycle racing has with karting and auto-racing is that the rider is totally exposed and there are no harnesses keeping him/her strapped onto the vehicle. Therefore, the rider is at high risk of coming into contact with the ground should something happen that forces him/her to dismount.

Other dangers that make wearing a suit a necessity include:

  • High-speed bail-out
  • Losing control of the bike
  • Pavement
  • Gravel
  • Grass
  • Barriers
  • Walls
  • Other bikes

Although your bike catching on fire is a possibility, the probability of you getting trapped and suffering burns is slim to none. Therefore, fire-retardant materials aren’t often found in motorcycle racing suits. The most important thing for motorcycle suits is abrasion resistance.

Here are some professional motorcycle racing suits you definitely should wear:

Alpinestars Missile Leather Suit

The Alpinestars Missile is constructed from premium full-grain bovine leather for durability and abrasion resistance. It is also anatomically mapped and optimized for maximum comfort and fit.

Alpinestars Men's Missile Leather Motorcycle Riding Suit Tech-Air Compatible, Black/Red, 60
  • Multi-panel, fully anatomically profiled riding suit constructed from full grain bovine leather for optimized levels of performance, durability and abrasion resistance.
  • Featuring an updated performance fit for improved anatomical profiling which leads to greater comfort and fit.
  • Compatible with Alpinestars’ class-leading Tech-Air airbag system.
  • The garment is designed with stretch gussets on rear to accommodate suit’s inflated volume without compromising seam strength or material integrity.
  • The suit’s ergonomic design means that it can be worn without airbag system for a versatile, personalized fit.

** Compatible with the Tech-Air airbag system

Alpinestars Missile Ignition

The Alpinestars Missile Ignition is constructed from premium 1.3mm bovine leather for durability and abrasion resistance.

Alpinestars Men's Missile Ignition Leather One Piece Motorcycle Suit Tech-Air Compatible, Black/White/Yellow, 54
  • CE-certified to CE Category II, PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425. Tech-Air compatible. Premium leather main chassis constructed from 1.3mm genuine bovine leather. Large accordion stretch panels help movement and comfort on the bike. HRSF stretch fabric panels on sleeves, crotch further improve fit and feel. Ergonomic back hump, sculpted for better airflow and performance at high speed.
  • Pre-curved sleeve and leg construction. Large perforated leather panels for maximum ventilation. Localized perforations highly improve ventilation. Printed graphic details. Calf expansion gusset. Integrated padding for increased comfort and protection. Chest pad compartments for Alpinestars Nucleon chest pads available as accessory upgrade.
  • Multi-layered knee construction reinforced with grip texture for optimal bike contact. Removable inner mesh liner for convenience and breathability. Inner waterproof wallet pocket. Adjustable snap button system to integrate the Level 2 CE-certified Alpinestars Nucleon back protector Comfort fabric on collar. Level 1 CE-certified Alpinestars GP-R protectors on shoulders, elbow and knee.
  • Level 1 CE-certified Alpinestars GP-R protectors on shoulders, elbow and knee. CE certified Alpinestars Nucleon hip protector. Innovative new elbow slider is anatomically contoured and features a removable and replaceable screw-mounted insert slider.
  • Dynamic Friction Shield (DFS) external dual density TPU sliders on shoulder and knee. Removable and replaceable Sport knee slider.

It has strategically-placed accordion stretch gussets and fabric optimized for maximum comfort and fit. The sleeves and knees are also pre-curved to improve the ergonomic design. Lastly, there are perforations all over the suit to provide maximum ventilation.

** Compatible with the Tech-Air airbag system

Alpinestars GP Plus

The Alpinestars GP Plus is made of premium 1.3mm bovine leather for durability and abrasion resistance. This is one of the most streamlined motorcycle racing suits available from Alpinestars.

Alpinestars Men's GP Plus v2 Leather Motorcycle Riding Suit, White/Black/Red, 52
  • Highly abrasion resistant construction using premium 1.3mm full-grain leather for excellent comfort, fit and durability.
  • Newly designed knee construction for improved anatomical fit and flexibility features replaceable Alpinestars PU knee sliders incorporate hook and loop grips for customized and secure fitment and developed for the ultimate in feel and sensitivity on track.
  • Advanced poly-textile accordion stretch panels in key articulation areas on the back and elbows for excellent racing fit.
  • Features Alpinestars’ Hyper-Res Stretch Fiber (HRSF) stretch inserts on crotch, back and underarms for excellent fit and movement.
  • Integrated PE comfort padding on the chest, torso, coccyx and back further enhances fit and comfort while riding.

It has advanced poly-textile accordion stretch panels in key articulation areas on the back and elbows. Knee sliders are also incorporated in the suit for your maximum safety. Other safety paddings can be found on the chest, torso, coccyx, and back area.


Clothes make the man. That goes beyond how the public perceives you in a racing suit. Wearing one will change your mental attitude when you get behind the wheel. That might just be the extra kick you need to lead the rest of the pack when you cross the finish line.

Aside from that, these suits will protect you in case something happens when you try to beat your own personal lap time on the circuit. So for your safety, make sure you get one of these suits whether you race on a car, a kart, or a motorcycle.


Related Questions

Can You Use A Motorcycle Helmet For Racing Cars?

No. Although motorcycle helmets and auto-racing helmets look very similar, they function in a vastly different manner. A motorcycle helmet is meant to slide across the tarmac while an auto-racing helmet is meant to protect you in case of fire within the cockpit.

Related Article: Car Racing Vs. Motorcycle Helmets: Is There A Difference?

Can I Use A Racing Suit During My Daily Commute?

Sure you can, but it’s going to be hot. A racing suit is hot. That’s why racers have camel-back water tanks to keep themselves hydrated. In stop-and-go traffic, the heat can become overwhelming. There are protective suits you can use for commuting. You’re better off with those instead of racing suits.

Can I Use My Kart Racing Suit For Auto-Racing Purposes?

You shouldn’t. Your kart racing suit is designed for abrasion resistance, whereas you need a fire retardant suit for auto racing. Wear the right racing suits to the right events to get the most out of your investment. Always put safety above everything when you participate in motorsports. That includes wearing the right gear.

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