The Crazy Tesla Cybertruck: Detailing the Interior, Exterior and Price

The Crazy Tesla Cybertruck: Detailing the Interior, Exterior and Price

crazy telsa cybertruck

Everyone’s talking about the crazy Tesla Cybertruck, and there are a million reasons why. It’s odd, cool, and something we have not seen coming. The new Tesla all-electric truck has almost everything we could wish for: a heavy-duty shell, a monochromatic bulletproof body, lightning-fast speed, and incomparable strength and endurance for as low as $39,900!

The Tesla Cybertruck is practical in so many ways. It’s crafted not only for display but for heavy-duty off-road journeys. Really, the new Tesla truck is a game-changer, but you probably know that already.

We’re feeling generous here at Autorelec to share with you our insights about this crazy Tesla Cybertruck. We’ll go through the details of the interior, exterior, and cost of the truck.

What’s Inside the Crazy Tesla Cybertruck

At a glance, the Tesla Cybertruck looks like a sci-fi vehicle from the outside. The unconventional shape of the truck is something people did not expect. According to Tesla CEO and mastermind Elon Musk, the design of the electric pickup was straight out from the movies Blade Runner 2049 and The Spy Who Loved Me.

We can’t blame people to think that the interior of the Tesla Cybertruck is something extraordinary — like ultra-advanced cars in the movies. But in actuality, the inside is pretty straightforward. It has six seats, a dashboard, a touchscreen display (which isn’t new), and a steering wheel.

Other popular pickup trucks have these features; comfortable seats, multi-functional touchscreen display, a standard dashboard, a steering wheel… you name it. So what makes the interior of the crazy Tesla Cybertruck unique (and classier) than its competition?

Sleek, High-Class Seats

Heaven-Like Car Seats

Some pickup trucks are equipped with only two seats, but newer models have up to six seats, which is convenient for family trips.

If you’re going to long road trips, you sure want you and your passengers to be comfortably seated throughout the journey. And it only makes sense to choose a vehicle with durable car seats that can withstand prolonged use.

Tesla knows exactly how to make durable and heaven-like car seats to provide you the comfort you deserve.


To some people, car seats aren’t that much of a big deal, but for those who care, they sure will agree that seats are half the experience of riding in a car, more so, a Tesla car!

This crazy Tesla Cybertruck costs $39,900, and before you plop down that big fat cash, you have to ensure you get a car with comfortable seats that you will be sitting on for several years.

But then again, Tesla knows exactly how to satisfy your bums and give you the ultimate riding experience. Just a few months ago, Tesla turned the interior of Model 3 completely leather-free, and according to reports, the company vowed to do the same with Model Y.

As per the Cybertruck, there hasn’t been an official statement from the company whether the seats are leather-free or not (we’re hopeful Tesla uses vegan leather seats).

Tesla is not a car seat producer, but when they make seats, they make sure their customers get top quality. The jet-black surface of the Cybertruck seats is smooth. They’re also very cushy, sitting on it feels like you sat on the clouds.

Five Seats Plus One

The Cybertruck has six seats, one is a center fold-down front seat. Fold this small seat then you’ll get a larger center armrest. Plus, the center armrest also functions as a storage compartment. At the back headrest of the middle seat are three cup holders and a little change holder to accommodate your tiny knick-knacks.

Also, in the rear seat is a large center armrest that doubles as support for extra-long cargo. Maybe you don’t see the need for this, but it’s actually useful if you wish to haul something that the 6.5-foot bed cannot accommodate. Simply fold down the middle seat, and it will function as a pass-through for extra-long items.

Interior Lights For Rear Seats

Tesla really knows how to step up the game even when it comes to dome lights. Dome lights are a standard in vehicles. They are usually located on the ceiling of the car and illuminate when people go in or out of the car.

Dome light, or courtesy lights, also aid in reading maps or finding items in the dark. Most vehicles today use the regular square dome light. Tesla, however, stepped a whole another level.

There is also an interior lighting strip on the sides that goes from the rear seat up to the back seat. It’s sleek, minimalistic, and functional. It provides just the right amount of luminescence in the back.

The lights are white, by the way, which adds a more futuristic feel, like what you will see in the movie Tron.

Aside from the cavernous interior and impressive lighting strip, you will also see a massive glass roof, which is truly a treat for those who love camping in their truck. And to make everything officially awesome, the Cybertruck is equipped with a sun visor that flushes against the A-pillar.

The sun visor is a clever feature, considering that the Cybertruck has a massive windshield.

Smart Driving Assistant

The impressive interior features of the crazy Tesla Cybertruck don’t stop there. As you put your hands on the wheels of the new Tesla all-electric car, you will be welcomed by a huge 17-inch touchscreen display with all-new Tesla UI.

Technology has always been part of Tesla’s mission to develop high-performing and advanced vehicles. And with technology, they also aim to improve the driving experience.

All Teslas are fitted with touchscreen display in varying sizes. The dashboard touchscreen brags lots of features and functions.

With the touchscreen, you’ll be able to check your vehicle’s battery level, check if the doors are correctly sealed, navigate your destination, and control other functions of your e-truck.

The recent Tesla operating system update 10.0 includes YouTube and Netflix streaming, alongside music and gaming. And the roadtrip can be more fun when you turn on the Car-oke feature. Let your passengers sing their hearts out.

Most notably, the Cybertruck and other Teslas have the most known feature from Tesla — autopilot. In the front fender of the Cybertruck are cameras and sensors that make autopilot possible.

The Autopilot feature can assist you through complex driving situations. The Autosteer+ can also help get you to pass through difficult road settings.

What’s more, the advanced autopilot system of Tesla gives you side collision warning, automatic emergency braking, front collision warning, and auto high beams.

Bantam Steering Wheel

Say goodbye to old, boring hoop steering wheels as Tesla just once again upped its game.

The interior of the Cybertruck is already astonishing as it is; sleek, cushy seats, a Tron-like lighting strip, and a functional touchscreen… but this is just the start.

The Cybertruck features a rectangular steering wheel that looks strange, but cool. The shape only makes sense since Musk and his team probably want to match it with the vehicle’s boxy structure.

The steering wheel seems like it is modeled after like that on an aircraft yoke with grips at 3 and 9 o’clock.

The front interior is minimalist. Basically, it’s only the steering wheel and touchscreen display that are on the dashboard (which, by the way, looks and feels like marble but is actually made of paper. Good job, Tesla!).

There have been some rumors that the reason the steering wheel is rectangular is that the Cybertruck is still in the concept phase. It would likely be changed into a regular hoop steering wheel when the vehicle enters production.

Others believe Tesla will use a steering wheel in the Cybertruck similar to the one it used in Model 3.

Design-wise, we all love the rectangular steering wheel. It looks dope and edgy. But ergonomically, the regular hoop steering wheel has proven its value already.

Mad, Impressive Exterior

When it comes to exterior design, no car can beat the madness of the Cybertruck’s… well, at least for now.

crazy tesla cybertruck exterior

The all-electric car is massive, bulky, and obviously designed for heavy-duty driving. When Musk first uncurtained the new truck, there was nothing but loud cheers, applause, and the sound of flickering cameras. Clearly, everybody at the event wanted to take snaps of the new Tesla truck for one obvious reason: it’s jaw-dropping!

Now, let’s talk about how superior and mad the exterior of this crazy Tesla Cybertruck. Let’s start with the obvious:

Monochromatic Hard Shell and Exoskeleton

The most obvious feature of the new electric truck is the classic and expensive monochromatic heavy-duty shell.

How robust is the body? Instead of just saying how tough the shell of the vehicle is, Musk showed everybody that no sledgehammer can cause dents to the car and no bullets can pass through.

There was, however, no actual firing of a gun to the vehicle on the said live event (which makes sense). Musk showed footage to the audience that proves the Cybertruck “is literally bulletproof,” Musk said.

Though we hope Musk will soon release a video to prove how bulletproof the new Cybertruck is.

Not Fake Tough

You need a truck that’s really tough, not fake tough. We can all agree to that.

The exoskeleton structure of the Cybertruck mitigates dents, corrosion, and damage. Aside from this, the truck uses 30x cold-rolled stainless steel — the exact steel used on the SpaceX Starship.

No Dents

Clearly, Tesla continues to thrive to stay ahead when it comes to innovation. In the live unveiling, Musk had the Cybertruck and another truck door (seemingly from a Ford F-150) hammered.

The conventional truck door got serious dents and deformed, but the Cybertruck’s door remained clean and undamaged. No dents.

The exoskeleton feature of the Cybertruck made it possible to become tougher than regular trucks. Most big trucks use the standard body-on-frame design, meaning the drivetrain drags the body and the bed. Time has proven that this architecture isn’t very efficient.

So, Tesla created exoskeleton to move the stress to the outer skin of the vehicle, not to the frame. This is why although the Cybertruck has the same dimensions and weight as Chevrolet Silverado and F-50, it has the better capability.

Take note, the Cybertruck can tow 14,000 pounds, which is way more than any other truck. Meanwhile, the payload is also premiere at 3,500 pounds.

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Shatterproof Glass

To provide maximum protection, the automaker equipped the electric truck with shatterproof armor glass, which is supposed to protect you from raging bullets, flying objects, and other wind debris.

Musk confidently demonstrated how tough the windows are to flinch and stay clean. However, when a metal ball was thrown to the windows, the glass shattered like spiderwebs, leaving everybody in the event stunned.

The awkward and a little bit embarrassed Musk was obviously not prepared for the bombshell, and just uttered humor to kick away the cringy demonstration.

“There’s room for improvement,” Musk said, reassuring everyone in the event that they will better improve the craftsmanship of their vehicles.

On Twitter, Musk explained the reason why the shatterproof armor glass shattered… It was probably because the truck door was hit by the sledgehammer beforehand, affecting the quality of the windows.

Roomy Cargo

Pickup trucks are mostly preferred because of their standard cargo feature, which is good for camping.

The new Tesla Cybertruck has a 100 cubic feet rear cargo area. And if you need to haul an extra-long item, you can simply fold down the rear center seat to allow more space.

Let’s not forget that the Cybertruck can carry as heavy as 3,500 pounds with uncompromised speed and performance.

Is this feature practical? Yes, especially for someone who’s always up for an adventure; someone who brings all his sports equipment like ATVs, Jetski, or other camping tools.

It’s really difficult to reject a truck with a roomy bed.

Vault-like Storage

If you need your items locked and secured, simply enable the magic tonneau cover. The cover is so tough it can withstand the weight of a person standing on it.

Pickup beds with covers aren’t new, but what’s really interesting about the tonneau cover of the outrageous Tesla Cybertruck is that it pulls out diagonally to complete the unconventional shape of the truck. Most pickup trucks have covers that only go vertically.

Tesla clearly doesn’t settle for ordinary.

Spartan Features

Pickup trucks have never felt so expensive and extravagant until the crazy Tesla Cybertruck. The aesthetics of this all-electric truck is beyond compare. It’s neat, smooth, and lavish.

First, the door handles of the Cybertruck conceal themselves. They pop out when you unlock the doors from the inside (though we still have to confirm if they also can also reveal using sensors). With the door handles on stealth, the outside surface looks smooth and neat.

Second, the Cybertruck doesn’t have side mirrors. But there’s no need to fret. The Tesla truck, like other Teslas, is equipped with sensors, radars, and front and rear cameras to assist you with your driving without the need for side mirrors.

As mentioned already, there are cameras in the fenders. If you activate the tonneau of your cargo, you can still have a clear rear view in your rear mirror via the camera, so you’ll see whatever it is behind you.

If you check out the bed behind, there are also lighting strips on each side, so you can still have a clear view of your items even in dark settings.

Let’s not forget the sleek, full-width LED headlight and rear light bar. And on top of the windshield is an auxiliary lighting strip intended for off-road driving.

Going back to the bed cover, Cybertruck has a ramp that extends from the tailgate to the ground. This feature helps you to ramp Cyberquad electric ATV (which comes as an add on).

To assist you with every task, the Cybertruck has an adaptive air suspension feature, which allows you to raise or lower the truck’s suspension by four inches.

And lastly, Tesla offers camping package. It includes a polygonal tent to match the truck’s styling, a raised sleeping floor, and a slide-out electric stove to make for the perfect camping!

Heavy-Duty Tires

A heavy-duty pickup needs heavy-duty, longer-lasting tires, more so if you’re always going to bring your truck to rocky, bumpy trails.

The Cybertruck has tires specifically designed to keep up with your active and adventurous lifestyle. With thick and furious tires, there’s no stopping you to drive even the steepest and most bumpy off-road paths.

The tires of Cybertruck match the overall edgy, unconventional shape of the vehicle. They also have bigger contact patches, which exactly what you will need if you have a heavier load to drive.

How Much Does a Tesla Cybertruck Cost?

Tesla Cybertruck is a game-changer. Its features are grand both inside and outside. The interior is undeniable hard to match, and the exterior is beyond compare. But for some people, what matters the most if it fits the bill.

So, how much does this crazy Tesla Cybertruck cost? Take note, the e-truck comes in three configurations, each is priced differently.

Single Motor RWD

The single motor rear-wheel-drive variant can accelerate from zero to 60 mph in under 6.5 seconds, which is almost just as fast as Ford V-8 F-50 (zero to 60 mph in under 6.3 seconds).

This configuration has almost the same features as the other variants. It can tow up to 7,500 pounds. Take note, regular trucks, in general, can only tow up to 4,000 pounds.b

You can purchase the single motor RWD Cybertruck for only $39,900.

Full list specs:

Zero to 60 mph<6.5 seconds
Range250 miles
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive
Vault length6.5 feet
Storage100 cubic feet
Adaptive air suspensionYes
Ground clearance16”
Departure angle28 degrees
Approach angle35 degrees
Towing capacity7,500 pounds

Dual Motor AWD

The better, the pricier. The single motor variant is already tough as it is, but the dual motor option is way more superior. It accelerates faster and can carry and tow heavier loads.

Tesla Cybertruck with dual motor uses all-wheel drive, so you can push the limits. Travel around the world and explore new boulder-strewn terrains with a Cybertruck you can rely on.

This variant can tow up to 10,000 pounds, and accelerate from zero to 60 mph real quick, within 4.5 seconds to be exact.

You can have the dual motor ADW variant for only $49,900. Just 10 grand pricier than the single motor variant.

Full list specs:

Zero to 60 mph<4.5 seconds
Range300 miles
DrivetrainAll-wheel drive
Vault length6.5 feet
Storage100 cubic feet
Adaptive air suspensionYes
Ground clearance16”
Departure angle28 degrees
Approach angle35 degrees
Towing capacity10,000 pounds

Tri-Motor AWD

To get the maximum features; faster speed, heavier towing capacity, and better performance, we suggest getting the tri-motor AWD configuration instead.

It can accelerate to 60 mph in under 2.9 seconds and tow up to 14,000 pounds (no other pickup trucks can do so).

The tri-motor AWD Cybertruck can be yours for only $69,900.

Full list specs:

Zero to 60 mph<2.9 seconds
Range500 miles
DrivetrainRear-wheel drive
Vault length6.5 feet
Storage100 cubic feet
Adaptive air suspensionYes
Ground clearance16”
Departure angle28 degrees
Approach angle35 degrees
Towing capacity14,000 pounds

Which Is Better?

Which of the three is better? Take note, all three configurations have all the amazing interior and exterior features of the crazy Tesla Cybertruck. They only differ in speed, performance, and towing capacity.

If we were to be asked, the tri motor AWD variant is the obvious choice. It’s faster, tougher, and more rugged. However, it’s the most expensive of all three. If $$$ isn’t a concern, the tri-motor is best recommended.

But as far as performance is concerned, the single motor variant is practical for everyday use — be it in the urban city or rocky countryside. Plus, it’s more affordable. It’s 30 grand cheaper than the tri motor. You can use that money to buy yourself a Cyberquad instead to complete the set.

The dual motor AWD is also a great choice if you want a more heavy-duty truck that doesn’t cost that much.

should you buy a tesla cybertruck

Should You Buy The Tesla Cybertruck?

There are a hundred reasons why you should buy the new Tesla Cybertruck, and not only because it’s the latest trend but more importantly, the features are incredibly impeccable.

The seats give you a comfortable riding experience, the touchscreen display gives you full control of the vehicle, and the lightning is futuristic. What else could you ask for?

Ultra-durable and impenetrable exterior shell, rugged tires, badass structure, and matchless strength and speed, the Tesla Cybertruck is a pioneer.

So, in a nutshell, we say you should buy the Tesla Cybertruck. Many have ordered already and are excited to ride their trucks on the road. To place your order, you can visit the official website of Tesla.

Final Thoughts

Tesla is crazy to invent a super bad-looking truck. But we all love crazy. Clearly, the all-electric truck doesn’t disappoint — from inside to outside.

Musk admitted that there are more improvements yet to be made to the Cybertruck. It gives us hope that there will be better versions of the Cybertruck we can expect from Tesla.

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Do Teslas have leather seats?
A few months ago, Tesla announced that Model 3 is already 100% leather-free. The automaker since then uses “Tesla Synthetic Material,” which is vegan.

How much does a Tesla car cost?
The most affordable Tesla vehicle advertised is the Model 3, with a price starting at $35,000.

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