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Can P Platers Drive Sports Cars?

Can P Platers really drive sports cars? Won’t it be dangerous for someone new to driving to control a performance machine?

Can Pickup Trucks Drive For Uber?

Is there a possibility that Uber has pickup trucks available for me to load heavy stuff in? I’m one...

Car Racing Vs. Motorcycle Helmets: Is There A Difference?

Why can’t you wear motorcycle helmets in place of automotive racing helmets? They basically look the same. Shouldn’t they also do the...

Are Heavier Cars Better In Rain And Snow?

Do Heavier Cars Have Better Traction? Is there an advantage to driving heavier cars in rain and snow? How...

Demo Goes Wrong: Tesla Cybertruck Shatterproof Window Shatters

Image Source: The Washington Post “Oh, my f—ing god! Well, maybe that was a little too hard," Elon...

Can An Electric Car Give A Jump?

I’ve always wondered if an electric car can give another car a jumpstart. I mean, cars break down all the time and...

This Is Why Luxury Cars Have Analog Clocks

Why do luxury cars, with all the bells and whistles attached to it, have analog clocks? Isn’t that a bit counter-intuitive?

This Is Why Trucks Have Air Brakes

I’ve always wondered why trucks have air brakes. I’ve also been curious about air brakes. What are they anyway?

Why Do SUVs Come With Tinted Windows?

Why Can SUVs Have Darker Tint? Dark Tinted SUV I want one of those newer...

Why Do Sports Cars Have Large Wheels?

Why do sports cars have large wheels? I’ve always wondered why. Why Do Sports Cars Have Large Wheels?

The Nautical Reason Most RVs Are White

I’ve often wondered why most RVs are white.  sea of white RVs And I just...

The Crazy Tesla Cybertruck: Detailing the Interior, Exterior and Price

Everyone’s talking about the crazy Tesla Cybertruck, and there are a million reasons why. It’s odd, cool,...
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Should You Trade SUV For A Car? Practical Pros And Cons

Should you trade SUV for a car? What are the practical pros and cons of doing that? Why would you want to...

How To Fix A Frozen Tesla Screen

Are you experiencing a frozen Tesla screen? Is this the first time or has this happened to you several times?

How To Wash Luxury Car Properly: A Step-By-Step Guide

Want to learn how to wash luxury car properly? Here’s a step-by-step guide. Owning a luxury car is a...

Why Do Luxury Cars Break Down So Much?

Do luxury cars really break down more than conventional cars? This shouldn’t be the case, right? After all, you paid more than...

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