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Do Racing Cars Have Power Steering?

Do racing cars have power steering? Is there a need for such a thing at high speeds? Is it really that hard...

11 reasons why luxury cars get bad mileage

Luxury cars may be elegant and powerful, but you get the shorter end of the stick with their mileage. Find out the few reasons why they fall short in mpg.

This Is Why Sports Cars Have Low Suspension

Why do sports cars have low suspension? Isn’t anyone concerned about running over some bumps on the road? What about road imperfections?...

Why do pickup trucks rust so much?

Pickup trucks are unfortunately more vulnerable to rust. It can't always be blamed on neglect though. But you can do so much to prevent rust.

Why do luxury cars have rear-wheel drives?

Luxury cars are associated with power—and rear-wheel drives have a lot to do with that. Find out why most expensive cars have RWDs.

Why racing cars have smooth tires

Racing cars are one of the greatest feats of engineering today. Racing cars, particularly, have smooth tires for a number of special reasons.

Why Your Truck is Leaking a Red Fluid (and is it Safe to Drive?)

If you see red liquid leaking from your truck, it's either the transmission fluid or the power steering fluid. Know what causes the leaks on this post.

15 Pros and Cons of Heavier Cars

Planning to buy an SUV or a pickup truck? Each has pros and cons, which might or might not disappoint you. Read on before you invest in a heavy vehicle.

Ever Wonder Why Race Cars Tape Headlights?

Why do race cars tape headlights? Does it really serve a practical function? Professional race cars tape headlights to...

Do Light Colored Cars Stay Cooler?

Is it really true that light colored cars stay cooler longer than darker cars? Is there a scientific fact that can back...

Do All Luxury Cars Come With Tinted Windows?

Do Cars Look Better With Tinted Windows? We’ve covered vehicles with tinted windows before, but that topic involved SUVs....

Can Nissan LEAF Use A Tesla Charger?

Can the Nissan LEAF use a Tesla charger? Nissan Leaf Charging Is the world’s all-time,...
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Should You Trade SUV For A Car? Practical Pros And Cons

Should you trade SUV for a car? What are the practical pros and cons of doing that? Why would you want to...

How To Fix A Frozen Tesla Screen

Are you experiencing a frozen Tesla screen? Is this the first time or has this happened to you several times?

How To Wash Luxury Car Properly: A Step-By-Step Guide

Want to learn how to wash luxury car properly? Here’s a step-by-step guide. Owning a luxury car is a...

Why Do Luxury Cars Break Down So Much?

Do luxury cars really break down more than conventional cars? This shouldn’t be the case, right? After all, you paid more than...

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